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TRIK-L-START's "Big Brother"... Provides ample current to keep your engine starting batteries FULLY CHARGED - Even after months of storage!

Simple hook-up - Only 3 wires to connect...
Works with 6 and 12 volt house batteries.

Complete Kit - Includes mounting screws,  crimp-on ring terminals, illustrated installation instructions.

Entire circuit is encapsulated inside a solid
block of epoxy... Almost indestructable!


For Gas & Diesel Engines
Single or dual starting battery applications
Fully Automatic Operation
Install it, and forget it!
Gentle, Tapered Charge Rate
Prevents over/undercharging, minimizes water loss.
No AC Power Cord
"Steals" DC power from your house battery charger - No AC wiring or extension cords required!
Safer Than AC-Powered Chargers
No electric shock or fire hazards.
Powerful 15 Amp Maximum Output
Easily handles even the largest dual starting battery banks.
Five Status LEDs
Monitor all charging functions, warn against improper hook-up, disconnected batteries or overvoltage conditions 
Low Starting Battery Alarm
Built-in alarm beeps if starting batteries are in danger of overdischarge - Helps protect them from permanent damage
Overvoltage Protection
Automatically shuts down during house battery equalization, resumes normal operation afterwards. 
Optimizes Starting Battery Life
Prevents destructive deep discharges - Pays for itself in battery savings!

Also Works With Solar Panels
Perfect for camping or RV storage in areas where AC power isn't available.

Rugged, Reliable Design
Protected against reverse polarity, and encapsulated in a solid block of epoxy - Shrugs off moisture, dust, grease and oil.
Quick, Easy Installation
Just 3 connections to make:
   1. House Battery +
   2. Starting Battery +
   3. Chassis Ground
Hardware & Connectors Included
Includes an assortment of crimp-on ring terminals for connections to your batteries or isolator relay. 
Exact Same Mounting "Footprint"
   as our 5-amp TRIK-L-START
Makes an ideal high-performance upgrade in all applications where TRIK-L-START™ was previously installed.
Full 1 Year Warranty
Backed by LSL Products - Service and technical support are just a toll-free phone call away!
Designed and Made in America
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - AMP-L-START™ is a "smart" charger/maintainer for your engine starting batteries. Capable of supplying up to 15 continuous amps of charging current, it is the "big brother" of our popular 10-amp TRIK-L-START™ model, and can be used as an upgrade in all applications where the TRIK-L-START™ was previously used.

HOW IT WORKS - Connected between your house and engine starting batteries, AMP-L-START™ "steals" some of the charging current from your house battery charger (or solar panels) to also keep your engine starting batteries charged. Whenever no house battery charging source is present, it automatically shuts down, thereby preventing any reverse current flow back into the house batteries.

The charging current is continuously adjusted to whatever amount is necessary to recharge and maintain your starting batteries - It can vary from 0 to 15 amps, depending on the battery's state of charge. AMP-L-START™ works with single- and dual- starting battery systems, and is compatible with all battery types - Gell-Cell, AGM, "Maintenance-Free" and conventional flooded-cell. It is also compabible with LiFePO4 "lithium" house batteries (Battle Born® and similar).

Revision G5 and later versions include user-selectable "HIGH TEMPERATURE" and "LITHIUM" modes that modify the turn-on and turn-off voltages, for computability with LiFePO4 Lithium house batteries and temperature-compensated house battery chargers. Either of these modes can be enabled by installing a jumper (included) across two pins on the back of the unit.

The "HIGH TEMPERATURE" mode changes the turn-on and turn-off voltages to 12.7 and 12.5 volts, respectively.

The "LITHIUM" mode changes the turn-on and turn-off voltages to 13.45 and 13.35 volts, respectively.

Removing the jumper instantly restores the "NORMAL"  13.2/12.8 volt turn-on/turn-off settings.

A built-in beeper sounds an audible Low Starting Battery Alarm if your starting battery voltage drops below approx. 11.3 volts. This feature helps protect your starting batteries, by warning you of a charging problem before the batteries become discharged to the point of permanent damage. (Note: Thus feature can be enabled or disabled by the user during installation).

An Overvoltage Protection feature automatically limits the maximum starting battery voltage to 13.8 volts, regardless of the house battery voltage. This allows conventional lead-acid starting batteries to be safely used in conjunction with LiFePO4 house battery chargers that may constantly produce in excess of 14.5 volts.

AMP-L-STARTis designed for permanent installation, and includes everything needed for a typical installation (except wire - stranded 12 or 10 gauge is recommended). Illustrated instructions make the installation process an easy 20-minute job in most applications. 

AMP-L-START comes with a 1-year warranty, and our lifetime technical support.

   (Click HERE for product specifications)
   (Click HERE to download the installation and operating instructions).

NOTE: This product is not suitable for charging batteries in dinghy vehicles  being towed by motorhomes - For that application, please use our TOAD-CHARGE
product instead.

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