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Installed Relay Board

GENERAL INFO: The AMP-L-START™ Relay Kit is designed to inhibit operation of your AMP-L-START™ whenever the motorhome engine is running. This is useful in applications where a DC-DC converter is also present - It prevents the converter and AMP-L-START™ from both running at the same time, thereby avoiding potential instability problems due to the converter and AMP-L-START™ "fighting" each other.

The relay is controlled by a 12 volt signal from your motorhome's ignition switch - when 12 volts is present on this signal wire (i.e., when the ignition switch is on), the contacts on the Relay Kit open to disconnect the AMP-L-START™ from chassis ground, thereby disableing it.

As soon as the ignition signal wire voltage drops to 0 volts (i.e., when the ignition switch is off), the contacts in the Relay Kit close again, restoring normal AMP-L-START™ operation.

Designed for quick, easy installation, the Relay Kit consists of a Relay Board (mounted to the GND. [-] terminal on the AMP-L-START™), 10 feet of wire for connecting the Relay Board to your ignition signal wire, a 3 amp circuit breaker to protect this new wire against short circuits, complete installation instructions, and various mounting hardware:

NOTE: This kit is only for use with AMP-L-START™ - Do not use it with TRIK-L-START™. 


CLICK HERE to order the Relay Kit by itself for $15.00*.

CLICK HERE to order an AMP-L-START and a Relay Kit for $87.95*.

*Plus $7.50 USPS shipping to any US destination.

Last Updated 12/4/2021

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