Battery Maintainer with temperature compensation & disconnect alarm for RVs, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, generators, aircraft, snomobiles, jet skis, tractors, classic cars & trucks
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Keeps your battery ready for use...
Also alerts you if there's a problem!

Quick, easy installation - Connect it to your battery, plug it in, and you're set!

Includes DC Power Supply, In-Line DC Connectors
& DC Circuit Breaker...Nothing else to buy!

In-Line DC Connectors provide quick, easy connection/disconnection to your battery

Unique "Watchdog" Feature
Provides audible and visual alarms if your battery or AC power are accidentally disconnected.
Temperature Compensation
Always delivers the perfect maintenance charge - regardless of weather conditions. (Can be user-disabled when not needed)
Perfect For:
  - Cars, Trucks & SUVs
  - Garden & Farm Tractors
  - Motorcycles
  - Generators
  - Snowmobiles
  - Boats & RVs
  - Aircraft
  - Anything with a 12V electrical system!
For All 12V Lead-Acid Batteries
Compatible with AGM, Gell-Cell and conventional flooded-cell battery types.
Four Status LEDs
Monitor all charging functions, warn against disconnected AC power or batteries, and improper hook-up.
2 User-Adjustable Charge Profiles
Allow you to tailor the charge to your particular battery type.
Includes DC Circuit Breaker
Potects the wiring between Charger Unit and battery against short circuits - an absolutely essential safety item!
Several Mounting Options
Charger Unit can be attached with screws, or secured to any steel surface with magnets (included). 

Can Be Remote-Mounted
Charger Unit can be located up to several hundred feet away from battery.

Rugged & Reliable 
Protected against reverse polarity, and encapsulated in a solid block of epoxy - Shrugs off moisture, dust, grease and oil.
Your Choice of 0.5 or 1.2 Amps 
Pick the model that best fits your needs.
Full Kit Includes Everything - No Extras Needed 
  - Charger Unit w/10' battery wire
  - Plug-in DC Power Supply w/5' Cord
  - In-Line DC Connectors
  - DC Circuit Breaker
  - Crimp-On Ring Terminals
  - Mounting Screws & Magnets
  - Illustrated Installation Instructions
("Bare" Charger/DC Power Supply also available by itself - You supply your own extras)
Full 1 Year Warranty
Designed and Made in America
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - BatteReady™ is specifically designed to recharge and maintain 12 volt lead-acid batteries in devices that aren't used on a regular basis. It can be connected to your battery indefinitely, ensuring that the battery is always fully-charged and ready for use.

BatteReady's unique 'Watchdog" feature warns you
if either the battery or AC power are accidentally disconnected: Flashing LEDs display the nature of the problem, and a speaker sounds an audible warning until either the problem is remedied or you push the SILENCE ALARM button.

Automatic Temperature Compensation is another unique BatteReady feature - It uses a built-in temperature sensor to automatically adjust the voltage delivered to your battery as ambient temperatures vary. This ensures that your battery is always maintained at a peak state of charge under any weather conditions, with no worries about excesssive water loss or damage due to over- or under-charge.

BatteReady™ works with all typs of lead-acid batteries - Two user-selectable charge profiles allow it to accommodate AGM, Gell-Cell and conventional Flooded-Cell batteries.

Two sizes are available: The 0.5 Amp version is ideal for garden tractors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and other small engines. The 1.2 Amp version is perfect for large automotive, RV and trolling motor batteries.

Installation is quick and simple - The
BatteReady™ Charger Unit can be mounted next to your battery, or in any convenient mounting location. The wire that connects it to your battery is 10 feet in length, but additional wire can be used when necessary - and can be ordered by the foot as an option.

Self-tapping screws are included in the Full Kit for permanently attaching the Charger Unit to walls or other surfaces, as well as magnets for quick temporary attachment to any steel object.

A pair of inline connectors (included in the Full Kit) allow the Charger Unit to be quickly unplugged from your battery whenever necessary.

A DC circuit breaker (included in the Full Kit) ensures complete safety against short circuits.

No other battery maintainer has all these features!

BatteReady comes with a 1-year warranty, and our lifetime technical support.

   (Click HERE for product specifications)
   (Click HERE to download the installation and operating instructions)..

Click here to buy the 1.2 Amp BatteReady Full Kit

Both of these kits include the Charger Unit & DC Power Supply
 (0.5 or 1.2 Amps), Connectors,
10' Battery Cable,
Circuit Breaker, Ring Terminals, Mounting Magnets & Hardware.


Click HERE to buy just the 1.2 Amp Charger alone

Both of these kits include just the Charger Unit & DC Power Supply
(0.5 or 1.2 Amps) -
You supply your own Wire, Connectors, Circuit Breaker & Hardware.

*Plus $7.50 USPS FCM Postage

Add a pair of battery clips to your order
No extra charge for shipping

(In addition to the 10 feet included
in the Full Kit.)
No extra charge for shipping


Spare Connector Set - Click Here To Purchase
(also includes shrink tubing)

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