Lil' Stanker In-Line DoubleSpeedTM Compartment-Mounted Holding Tank Deodorizer Fan "Puts Holding Tank Odors In Their Place: OUTDOORS!"

Lil' Stanker™ fans take an ingenious approach towards preventing holding tank odors. A small 12-volt fan attaches to your vent pipe, continuously drawing holding tank odors outdoors. This quiet, gentle air suction prevents odors and sewage gas from seeping into living areas. It eliminates odors caused by toilet flushing, leaking toilet seals, wind gusts, sloshing of tank contents, dried-out P-traps, etc. Many Lil' Stanker™ owners discover that they no longer need to add deodorizing chemicals or additives - That's one less chore to perform, and one less reoccurring expense.

The Lil' Stanker™ In-Line DoubleSpeed™ model mounts to your vent pipe, at any convenient point between the holding tank and the roof. Basically, you just cut a 3-1/4" section out of your vent pipe, and slip the fan in place. The In-Line™ can be installed in any position - even upside down! It's ideal for closet or holding tank compartment mounting. The pipe fittings are offset to one corner of the fan's enclosure, allowing the unit to fit in extremely tight locations (such as where two walls meet). Only 1/2" of pipe-to-wall clearance is required. Female slip-in pipe fittings for 1-1/2" I.D. vent pipe are standard; other sizes are also available. A speed selector/shutoff toggle switch and label plate are included, allowing the fan to be controlled from any convenient remote location.

(Click HERE for the installation instructions.)

The In-Line™ has a stout 42 CFM free-air rating, which means that it's capable of handling even the largest of holding tanks. Even so, it's whisper-quiet - Virtually inaudible from several feet away. A DC brushless motor and gasketed, heavy-gauge PVC housing ensure reliability. A one year warranty is standard, with factory parts and service available. Standard fittings are 1-1/2" I.D. (which is by far the most common size for RV applications); 1-1/4" I.D. and 2" I.D. sizes are also available.

UPDATE: We also offer 120 Volt AC-Powered versions (perfect for fixed dwellings and park trailers!). Same specs and price as 12VDC version, except single-speed and no power switch. AC power consumption is less than 5 watts.
Includes plug-in AC/DC power supply with 5 foot power cord. (Click HERE for the instructions for the AC-Powered version.)

(NOTE: These are 12 VOLT DC powered fans - Click HERE to purchase the 120 VOLT AC powered fans instead.)

Lil' Stanker™ In-Line DoubleSpeed™ 12 Volt DC - 1.5" I.D. Pipe Fittings
........$54.95 + $7.20 Shipping = $62.30 Buy Now (NOTE: This is the typical vent pipe size, used in 95 percent of all RV applications.)

Lil' Stanker™ In-Line DoubleSpeed™ 12 Volt DC - 2.0" I.D. Pipe Fittings
.........$54.95 + $7.20 Shipping = $62.30 Buy Now (NOTE: This is larger than the typical vent pipe size - Please be sure that you're ordering what you actually need!)

Lil' Stanker™ In-Line DoubleSpeed™ 12 Volt DC - 1.25" I.D. Pipe Fittings.......$54.95 + $7.20 Shipping = $62.30 Buy Now (NOTE: This is smaller than the typical vent pipe size - Please be sure that you're ordering what you actually need!)


For use on 12 volt DC or 120 volt AC models
(includes quick-splice wire connectors)...$19.95 (includes shipping) Buy Now
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HOW DOES IT WORK? Lil' Stanker™ fans work by creating a slight, continuous vacuum inside your holding tanks. This ensures that any air leakage (due to toilet flushing, dried out P-traps, leaking toilet seals, wind gusts, open windows, outside air currents, etc.) will be into the tank, rather than out of it. Thus, tank odors are prevented from seeping into your RV's living spaces.

HOW EFFECTIVE IS IT? VERY effective! Many owners report that they no longer need to add deodorizing chemicals to their holding tanks.

DO I LEAVE IT ON ALL THE TIME? Yes, unless the RV is in storage. The fan motor is designed to operate continuously, and draws very little current from your house batteries. You can dry-camp for weeks without appreciably draining your batteries.

WHY 2 SPEEDS? Having a LOW speed conserves battery power and motor life, and also reduces the motor noise level. Most RVers discover that the HIGH speed setting is rarely needed (but is very useful when it is!).

HOW QUIET IS IT? On LOW speed, the fan is essentially inaudible unless you press your ear up against the enclosure. On HIGH speed, it can be heard from up to several feet away.

WILL IT SUCK WATER OUT OF THE TANK OR P-TRAPS? No, the fan only creates a slight vacuum - not nearly enough to pull water.

HOW DO I INSTALL THE FAN? Essentially, you cut a 3-1/4" section out of your vent pipe, at any convenient mounting location inside a closet, cabinet, interior wall, holding tank compartment, or any other area that the vent pipe passes through. The fan is then slipped into this cut-out pipe section.

IS GLUING THE FAN IN PLACE RECOMMENDED? No, the fan should only be slipped on to the pipe, relying on a friction fit alone. This permits the fan to be removed whenever the air screens or motor need service.

WHERE DO I CONNECT THE WIRING? Most RVers connect the fan's DC power wires to any nearby closet light or other 12 power source. The 2-speed switch connects to this wire, and can be mounted in any convenient location.

IS IT REPAIRABLE? Yes, the motor is easily replaced by opening the bottom cover. Replacement motors are available; each comes with quick-splice connectors that provide a fast, easy method of connecting the new motor to the existing DC power cable.

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