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Protects your expensive batteries from overdischarge

Quick & easy installation - Only 3 wires to connect


For 12, 24 or 48 Volt Systems
Works with all common battery voltages
2 Separate Alarms
Built-in Piezo Beeper provides a gentle LOW BATTERY warning, and a more persistent DEAD BATTERY warning
Set your own LOW BATTERY and DEAD BATTERY voltages, or use the factory-programmed default values
Easy To Program
Simply press the Set Vlow or Set Vdead buttons to memorize your desired LOW BATTERY and DEAD BATTERY warning voltages...No pots to tweek, no DIP switches to set!
External Alarm Output Terminal
Makes it easy to connect an external alarm or DC load disconnect relay.
Ultra-Low Battery Drain
Draws less than 750 uA at 12.8 VDC.

Rugged, Reliable Design
Circuitry is encapsulated inside a solid block of epoxy - Shrugs off moisture, dust, grease and oil...Virtually indestructable!

Small & Self-Contained
No bigger  than a bar of soap - Fits just about anywhere!
8-Bit Microcontroller / 10-Bit ADC
Measures battery voltage in 1024 increments - Gives you precise, repeatable alarm setpoints.

Non-Volatile EEPROM Memory 
Stores your settings indefiintely - even without DC power applied.

Complete Instructions Included
Owner's Manual has installation and operating instructions, trouble-shooting tips,  electrical/mechanical specifications and warranty info.  

Full 1 Year Warranty
Backed by LSL Products - Service and technical support are just a toll-free phone call away!


GENERAL INFORMATION - Pro-LBA™ is a battery monitoring device that provides audible and visual warnings when the batteries have reached excessively low charge levels. Two separate warnings are provided - A LOW BATTERY alarm momentarily sounds every 30 seconds when the batteries reach an excessively low state of charge, and a DEAD BATTERY alarm continously sounds when the batteries are almost completely dead. A small piezo beeper on the front of the unit provides the audible warnings; a tri-color indicator LED provides the visual warnings.

Although designed primarily for use with lead-acid batteries (Flooded-Cell, AGM or Gelled electrolyte), it can also be used with most other battery chemistries (i.e., Ni-MH, NiCd, Li-ion, Li-Po, Ni-Fe, etc.).

Other important features include:

MULTI-VOLTAGE OPERATION - A wide-range switching power supply allows the unit to be used on 12, 24 or 48 volt battery banks. Designed with high efficiency in mind, it minimizes current consumption over a very wide range battery voltages (8 to 78 VDC). Typical idling current drain is just 750 microamperes (0.75 mA) at 12.8 VDC.

PROGRAMMABLE SETPOINTS - The unit is factory-calibrated with a default LOW BATTERY warning voltage ("Vlow") of 1.933 volts per battery cell (e.g., 11.6 volts for a 12 volt battery bank), and a DEAD BATTERY warning voltage ("Vdead") of 1.75 volts per battery cell (.e.g., 10.5 volts for a 12 volt battery bank). The user can override these defaults to program in different Vlow and/or Vdead values, simply by pressing either the Set Vlow or Set Vdead buttons whenever the desired low or dead battery voltages are present. The original factory-calibrated settings can be restored at any time,  by pressing and holding the Set Vlow or Set Vdead buttons for more than 5 seconds. All settings are stored in non-volatile RAM, and are retained indefinitely - even if the unit is disconnected from DC power.

AUDIBLE ALARM SILENCE BUTTON - Pressing this button while an alarm is sounding disables the piezo beeper alarm, leaving the tri-color LED as the only indication of the alarm. This function is automatically canceled as soon as the battery voltage recovers enough to turn off both alarms.

EXTERNAL ALARM/RELAY OUTPUT - In addition to the piezo beeper alarm on the unit, provision is also included for connecting an external alarm or disconnect relay, which operates whenever the battery's state of charge falls below the DEAD BATTERY setpoint. This output is factory-configured for "active low" operation (e.g., is grounded when the DEAD BATTERY alarm sounds), but can  be user-reconfigured to be "active high" instead (e.g., is grounded at all times except when the DEAD BATTERY alarm is sounding).

BATTERY DISCONNECTED WARNING - This feature provides an audible warning if the voltage sensing connection between the batteries and the unit fails.

The unit includes complete installation and operating instructions, and is backed by a 1-year warranty.

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