SUPER STANKER Weatherproof Electric Fan for Sewer Vent Pipes & Tanks
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(shown above with 2" vent pipe couplers)

Powerful VENT ASSIST FAN solves even the toughest sewage odor problems...Ideal for restaurants, office buildings, schools, lift pumps and many other commercial/industrial applications!
Also works great in residences.


Quick, Easy Installation
Mounts on your existing sewer vent pipe.
Fits Most Common Pipe Sizes
Uses standard rubber drain couplers to connect to  4", 3",  2" or 1.5" vent pipe.
Safe, Low-Voltage Operation
No electric shock or fire hazards. 
Brushless DC Fan Motor
Ultra-reliable, safe to use in methane-rich environments.
Ultra-Low Power Consumption
Less than 5 watts @ 120/240VAC
Less than 26dBa @ 3 feet - Virtually inaudible in most applications.
FAN FAILURE Warning Alarm 
Constantly monitors the fan motor for proper speed - Sounds an audible warning if the motor stalls.
Motor Status Indicator
Glows green when fan speed is good, glows red when motor is stalled
Designed for outdoor installation - No enclosure required.
Field-Replaceable Fan Motor
Allows quick, easy replacement of the motor - no need to replace the entire unit.
Complete Unit - Ready To Install
Includes rubber drain couplers (in your choice of 1.5",  2",  3" or 4" sizes) & illustrated installation instructions. 
Full 1 Year Warranty
Backed by LSL Products - Service and technical support are just an email away!
Designed & Manufactured in USA

Super Stanker™ is an electrically-powered vent assist fan that creates a slight vacuum inside sewage holding tanks and vent pipes, thereby preventing odor infiltration into living areas. Designed for easy installation, the fan has the same outside diameter as 4" Schedule 40 pipe, allowing it to be attached to your existing vent pipe with standard rubber drain couplers. The fan can be ordered with your choice of 4" straight,  3" reducer, 2" reducer or 1.5" reducer couplers, or can be ordered "bare" (no couplers included). The "bare" version is especiallly suited to applications were the vent pipe size isn't known yet - No need to buy the fan with a coupler size that may not ever be needed. These  same couplers are available locally, at just about any plumbing supply or home improvement store.

The new 
Super Stanker™ Weatherproof version is suitable for outdoor installation - It has a weatherproof junction box that houses (1.) a 120/240VAC to 12VDC power supply for operating the fan motor on safe, low-voltage DC power, and (2.) a fan monitor circuit that constantly measures the fan motor's speed - If the motor stalls, this circuit sounds a warning beeper and flashes a LED on the front panel..

Installation is quick and easy - Cut a 6-1/4" section out of your vent pipe, secure the fan to the pipe with the included drain couplers, and connect the fan to  a 120/240VAC power source. The fan can be mounted at any point along the vent pipe's run, at any angle — even upside-down. This model is completely weatherproof - No enclosure is required. (Note: If not already present, a roof-mounted vent pipe cap must installed to prevent rainwater and debris from entering the vent pipe).

Typically, AC power is supplied to the unit through standard 1/2" non-metallic liquid-tight conduit (user-supplied). A 1/2" coupler is included with the fan, for making a weather-tight junction between your conduit and the fan junction box.

This model can also be used with our Fresh Air Injector to dilute sewage gas odors before they are discharged outdoors - very useful in situations where odors are still objectionable in outdoor areas, or are re-entering indoor living spaces. Basically, the Injector is installed on the suction side of the fan, where it draws in fresh air to blend with sewer gasses.

Super Stanker fans are easy to maintain and repair. The fan motor is completely sealed, requires no routine maintenance, and is field-replaceable - No need to replace the entire unit if the motor ever fails. Spare/replacement motors are available from the factory.

Super Stanker
comes with a 1-year warranty, and free lifetime technical support.

(NOTE: For applications where indoor installation is preferred, the non-weatherproof "Original" version is available HERE.)

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