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Keeps Your Towed Vehicle Battery FULLY CHARGED...

No More Dead Dinghy Batteries Due to Parasitic Loads! 

Automatically charges and maintains the battery in your dinghy vehicle (or "Toad") while you're towing it - Eliminates battery discharge problems due to leaving the ignition switch on, supplemental braking systems, etc.

The COMPLETE SOLUTION for dinghy vehicle battery charging!

Towed Vehicle Battery Charger/Maintainer Kit
Prevents Dinghy Battery Drain
when towing behind your motorhome
Powerful 10 Amp Output
Solves the toughest discharge problems
Complete - Nothing Else To Buy
Includes your choice of 60' or 40' cut-to-length wire harness, Charge Regulator, Circuit Breaker, all mounting hardware & connectors, illustrated installation instructions
Installs Permanently
No need to remove system when not towing your dinghy vehicle
Unplugs When Not In Use
Center harness stows with your tow bar
Completely Automatic
No more pulling fuses and relays in your dinghy vehicle every time you tow it!
Fully Independent Connections
Provides its own power & ground connections to the dinghy battery - Completely unaffected by any existing wiring and connectors to dinghy vehicle

Prolongs Dinghy Battery Life
Prevents destructive deep discharges - Pays for itself the first time you don't have to replace a ruined battery! 

Designed With Safety In Mind
Fully protected against overloads & short circuits at both ends of the wiring harness

LED Status Indicators
on Charge Controller monitor all charging functions, warn against improper hook-up 

Rugged, Reliable Components
Weatherproof, epoxy-encapsulated Charge Controller & Circuit Breaker - Extra-thick 12 gauge wire harness delivers maximum charging current to your dinghy battery

Universal Fit
Fits all motorhomes, all dinghy vehicles 

Full One-Year Warranty
Toll-free technical support, 7 days a week - Satisfaction guaranteed!  

Designed, Built & Supported in
The United States of America

Wiring Diagram
Connects between your motorhome and dinghy vehicle - No alterations to either vehicle's existing wiring.
Three status indicator lights monitor the charge process, confirm proper hook-up.

2-pin connectors &
dust caps are weatherproof and user-replaceable.


*Plus $14.95 PRIORITY MAIL shipping to US addresses, $14.95 FIRST CLASS MAIL to Canadian addresses.
5-packs ship via UPS GROUND.
Orders to Europe, Great Britain, Australia & New Zealand ship by PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL (approx. $35 US for 1st pound, $3.50 for each additional pound).
NOTE: 2-packs and 5-packs are only available for US addresses.
60' TOAD-CHARGE kit without 2-pin connectors - You supply your own connectors. $94.95 + $14.95 shipping
40' TOAD-CHARGE kit without 2-pin connectors - You supply your own connectors. $79.95 + $14.95 shipping
2nd Dinghy Vehicle Kit - Includes all parts for towing a 2nd dinghy vehicle. $78.95 + $5.95 shipping
Dinghy Vehicle Kit without 2-pin connectors - You supply your own hitch & tow bar connectors. $72.95 + $5.95 shipping
Add a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker to your Dinghy Vehicle Kit: $12.95 (free shipping)
Charge Controller Alone (no other parts included): $54.95 + 5.35 shipping
Motor Home Parts Kit Alone (no dinghy vehicle parts included): $34.95 + $12.95 shipping
Spare Connector/Dust Cap Set: 2 male & 2 female connectors: $14.95 (free shipping) 
Goods provided by LSL Products (Texas USA).
Goods sold by 2Checkout
(Ohio USA).

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