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Keeps Your Dinghy Vehicle
No More Dead Batteries!

Charges and maintains the battery in your dinghy vehicle (or "Toad") while you're towing it - Eliminates battery discharge problems due to leaving the ignition switch on, supplemental braking systems, etc.
The COMPLETE SOLUTION for dinghy vehicle battery charging!
Towed Vehicle Battery Charger/Maintainer Kit
Now Includes
Prevents Dinghy Battery Drain
when towing behind your motorhome.
Powerful 10 Amp Max. Output
Solves the toughest discharge problems - Automatically adjusts charging current to compensate for any drain on your dinghy battery.
Complete - Nothing Else To Buy
Includes your choice of 60' or 40' cut-to-length wire harness, Charge Regulator, Circuit Breaker, all mounting hardware & connectors, illustrated installation instructions.
Installs Permanently
No need to remove system when not towing your dinghy vehicle.
Unplugs When Not In Use
Center harness stows with your tow bar
Completely Automatic
No more pulling fuses and relays in your dinghy vehicle every time you tow it!
Fully Independent Connections
Provides its own power & ground connections to the dinghy battery - Completely unaffected by any existing wiring and connectors to dinghy vehicle.

Prolongs Dinghy Battery Life
Prevents destructive deep discharges - Pays for itself the first time you don't have to replace a ruined battery! 

Designed With Safety In Mind
Fully protected against overloads & short circuits at both ends of the wire harness.

Warns you of charging problems, unplugged connectors, etc. 

Rugged, Reliable Components
Weatherproof, epoxy-encapsulated Charge Controller & Circuit Breaker - Extra-thick 12 gauge wire harness delivers maximum charging current - Vinyl-sleeved for weather and abrasision resistance.

Universal Fit
Fits all motorhomes, all dinghy vehicles

Made In USA -  One-Year Warranty

Wiring Diagram
Connects between your motorhome and dinghy vehicle - No alterations to either vehicle's existing wiring.
Four status indicator lights confirm proper installation, monitor the charge process, warn of charging problems.

2-pin connectors are sealed inside
heat-shrink sleeving - Also includes slip-on dust caps for all 4 connectors.


PROUCT DESCRIPTION:  TOAD-CHARGE™ keeps your dinghy vehicle's battery charged while towing behind your motorhome, preventing battery discharge problems caused by using an auxiliary braking system or leaving the dinghy's steering wheel unlocked while towing. The kit connects between your motorhome's starting or house batteries and the dinghy vehicle's battery, using the motorhome's engine to supply up  to 10 amps of charging current to the dinghy  battery.  This current automatically adjusts to whatever amount is reqiured to compensate for any parasitic loads on the battery, preventing  over- or undercharging.

The new Revision L1 Charge Controller includes a LOW BATTERY Alarm which sounds a beeper and flashes a warning light if your dinghy battery is in danger of being discharged - Alerts you to charging problems BEFORE your battery is damaged by overdischarge.

The kit consists of several components: The Charge Controller is installed in the dinghy vehicle's engine compartment - It monitors the charging current and motorhome engine voltage, automatically connecting or disconnecting the dinghy battery from the motorhome whenever the motorhome engine is started or shut off. A 15 Amp Circuit Breaker installed near the motorhome battery protects against excessive current flow due to wiring faults. The charge regulator and circuit breaker are connected together by a 12-gauge dual-conductor vinyl-sleeved Wire Harnesses (40 or 60 feet total length). The harness has 2-pin Connectors on both ends of the tow bar (allowing it to be unlpugged and stowed with the tow bar when not in use), as well as on the back of the motorhome and front of the dinghy vehicle.

Installation consists of (1.) Mounting  the circuit breaker and part of the wire harness in the motorhome, (2). Attaching a 2-pin connector at the back of the motorhome, (3.) Installing part of the harness and two connectors on the tow bar, (4.) Installing part of the harness, one connector and the Charge Controller on the dinghy vehicle, and (5.) Installing heat-shrinkable sleeves and dust caps on all 4 connectors.

The connectors can be user-replaced with just a small screwdriver - No soldering or crimping is required.

*Plus $14.95 PRIORITY MAIL shipping to US addresses.

60' TOAD-CHARGE kit without 2-pin connectors - You supply your own connectors. $94.95 + $14.95 shipping
40' TOAD-CHARGE kit without 2-pin connectors - You supply your own connectors. $79.95 + $14.95 shipping
2nd Dinghy Vehicle Kit - Includes all dinghy & tow bar parts for a 2nd dinghy vehicle: $78.95 + $5.95 shipping
Dinghy Vehicle Kit without 2-pin connectors - You supply your own hitch & tow bar connectors. $72.95 + $5.95 shipping
Add a 15 Amp Circuit Breaker to your Dinghy Vehicle Kit: $12.95 (free shipping)
Charge Controller Alone (no other parts included): $54.95 + 7.20 shipping
Motor Home Parts Kit Alone w/50' harness (no dinghy or tow bar parts included): $49.95 + $12.95 shipping
Spare Connector/Dust Cap Set: 2 male & 2 female connectors, 4 dust caps, heat-shrink sleeving:  $16.95 (free shipping) 
4 Dust Caps & Heat-
Shrink Sleeving
Alone - Perfect for upgrading older TOAD-CHARGE kits: $9.95 (free shipping)
Replacement Tow Bar Cable/Connector Set - Connectors, dust caps and 10' wire for replacing or adding a second tow bar cable:
$19.95 (free shipping)
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(Ohio USA).

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